Sunday, August 29, 2010

I suck

at blogging

Im not sure if its laziness or what, but before i log on here i think about what to say and how to say it, then when i log on somehow i lose it, i dunno where it goes.

So this is me just checking in
Ive started working out with my personal trainer, i hate it, but i need to, he makes me do evil things, but thy're good for me.
I almost passed out the 1st day he made me run up and down a hill and by the 5th time i just couldnt anymore so we went and did something else.
Ive been eating fairly good, some days are good, some are...

I dont have much to say today
Just thought i'd check in.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its been a while folks..

I have Good and bad news..
Bad news first. I fell of the weight loss wagon, boo :(
BUT Good news is that I havent gained any weight as at yesterday I weighed in at 222.0lbs.So i stayed the same ..YAY!!!

How that happened , i dunno. I manage to go to the gym at least twice a week.. still and some days im on track , and some days have been horrible eating wise, stupid choices, skipping meals cause i felt i made a bad choice in my previous meal..and the list goes on..

So I thought before this gets out of hand, i signed up with a personal trainer, that i will be seeing 3 X a week. its going to cost me alot of $$ but its all my fault and im just gonna have to pay for my "sins". I start on the 23rd of August for 12 weeks.. yikes!!

So i'll be coming here on the days I meet with my trainer to update y'all on how it goes.

I thought losing weight will be way easier this summer but ,boyyyy was i wrong?? Ive felt lazier than ever. and then there's been so many parties and some you just have to go there drunk or leave silly excuses,i know).

But oh well, back on the wagon full throttle on the 23rd of August..

Wish me luck.

Totally unrelated:

I Just decided that I want to be an Avon Rep, im excited about it, and might even get some AP's from it when i go drop off catalogues..ill walk instead of driving.LOL
So i'm meeting up with the avon chic tomorrow and well, we'll se what happens from there.