Sunday, April 25, 2010

A bottle of wine later....

Forgive me for my post might not be very co-ordinated!

So I just got home, I'm not drunk but tipsy. Actually no not tipsy but calm and you know?!...

So i hung out with those girls, ( I hate calling them those girls but they're not exactly my friends)and I was a bad bad girl,I had a bottle of wine by myself, and that's not the bad part, the bad part is that i didn't eat the whole day so I could have enough points for my bottle of wine :S and some appies.

The food was not bad, I offered to bring the appies.
I brought "baked" chicken fingers and veggie platter, here's a pic.

Nice looking platter eh?..hehe
I think I should get a job as a veggie platter arranger or something :P

Everyone loved my chicken fingers :D

It was really fun, we brought board games to play. I took my scrabble and another chic brought cranium! Oh I loved the cranium, so may awkward and funny things to do.Twas a fun night.

On another note: I tried something today.. Home made shampoo, cause apparently pantene and all those other commercial thingies are not good for your hair especially black hair:P( it dries it out) anywho all it was, was Some olive oil mixed with eggs, apple cider vinegar and lemon..
(anyone out there have a better "recipe" for homemade shampoo)
Had a horrible smell but i loved the way my hair felt after using it, it felt curlier, cleaner and softer ( or maybe it was all in my head..who knows??!!) but the thing is i was sooo worried that my hair would be smelling like raw eggs the whole day that i ended up spraying some perfume on it , which totally defeats the purpose of using "homemade shampoo".. but oh well maybe next time i wil do it at night.....

ok thats it for the tonight peeps.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Danger of a single story

I just love watching this video over and over

She makes several good points!

Friday, April 23, 2010

One of the things.....

I will miss about being fat, are my boobies

I just did my measure meants and Ive lost 5.5inches from there . * Mad Face* see above

In loving memeory of them
I will update with a new boobie picture of me now. and my full measurements from start till date.

Heading to bed now! Nightie:)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

If only..

my determination tonight could extend into other areas of my life. Man oh Man, lets just say I wont be where I am today :-) ( That is not to say im not happy with who or where I am today)

So i was too lazy to cook anything so I thought I'd just have 2 slices of garlic bread and a babybel light cheese. So since i dont have a toaster oven i thought i'd use my oven and put it on broil. easy peasy right?

So i buttered the bread with roasted garlic spread and topped with a table spoon of grated parmesan cheese and put it in the oven and kind of got carried away, and it got burnt. I'm like, oh darn! i am really hungry. oh well lets try this again, and you wont believe this but the same thing happened !!!!

and apart from the fact that I was hungry I hate wasting anything but I had to :(

At this point im really mad. and considering just giving up and having a salad ,and maybe its just a sign that I shouldn't be eating that anyway ,then i brought out my bag of salad and as i'm about to pour into the bowl, I said to my self , Noooo, you cant give up just like that. try one last time and if you burn this again then it really is a sign.haha. well this time i did it with the oven door open and standing right in front of it and tada! Dinner is served ( and being eaten at the moment)

I only hope I have this kind of determination when it comes to going to the gym , work , school etc :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anybody there?

So i went to my weigh in yesterday and lost a whooping 0.4lbs..YAY!! ( read BOO).

But oh well, at least it wasn't a gain, and its not like I was 100% OP n its TOM so yeah , ill take that :). So after weigh in i went grocery shopping ( Side note: I'm trying to learn to be frugal and so far I'm succeeding I saved $22.57 yesterday by picking stuff that was on sale and the BOGO's) and bought healthy stuff ,not that i haven't been, and made my self a good dinner

Vegetable stir fry
Had it with a Cup of rice and Chicken

So i'm crossing my fingers for an OP week. Was supposed to go out to dinner today with my co-workers but changed my mind cause one, I woke up late and was very tired ( working nights this week) and two, I just dint feel like eating out so i stayed home instead and had my left over rice and stir fry from last night :)

So i have some pictures from some of the things i ate last week, and actually when i go back and look , I see why I only lost 0.4lbs

Example number 1, in this picture see how the portion of my rice is equal or maybe more than the portion of my veggies?..Bad bad... and I dint measure the rice but looks like around 1 and half cups of rice to me..whatchu think?

yay to photo tracking :)
and yeah im back to tracking on my phone:)

and then also I baked some muffin looking cup cakes...Ok when i say bake I just mean putting the Cake mix and diet coke in a bowl n mixing it together, I even forgot to add egg whites... sigh..thats how good a baker I am. but heres a picture.

I had mine with some low fat cool whip and strawberries..the cup cakes are 3 points each , a point for the cool whip and one for the strawberries .

I should add that I did NOT eat all of the cup cakes, I had a lot of help( very much welcomed) from my dearest friend :)

I don't have any solid plans for the weekend, oh except meeting up with those girls on Saturday night for some games and drinks . I am taking my scrabble along. I love scrabble even though I'm not that good at it. speaking of which my scrabble app is pissing me off i cant seem to get into it, when i try it just says updating for like 30 seconds n kicks me out, and back to my main screen. I'm mad cause i can see that I have 9 games waiting. and I'm one of those people that when I'm playing a game with someone and they don't play their turn in 24 hours i get irritated ( stupid , i know) so now I'm mad that the stupid app is making me be that person ( yeah the one that hasn't played their turn in over 24 hours) GAH!!!!!!!!

OK rant over.

Random: I'm totally obsessed with this song

Kinda reminds me of something Boys II men sang..No?
I like it all the same :)

Aii tata guys!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Im still alive..

Just been a lil bit busy??
Actually No, I haven't been that busy!
Ive just been pre-occupied! and not really on plan, I skipped my weigh-in again!
But i weighed myself at work on friday a.m and it said I was 221.4lbs, so 1.2lbs down which isn't bad for being partially on plan, but I wont update my stats till official weigh in on Tuesday.

I'm thinking of weighing in only 2 times a month, it sucks that I have to pay for the whole month though, no biggie! I guess I should clarify when I say I haven't been on plan it doesn't mean I have been eating junk NO! it just means I haven't been tracking and measuring religiously. In my head i tell myself I'm practicing for when i reach goal. cause of course im not going to track everything i eat for the rest of my life, I want to believe there will come a point in my life where it will be automatic.( i mean knowing the right amount to eat)

I am going back to the gym this week, full time.I think the break was long enough! I did go for a walk on Wednesday though, a very very long one that lasted about 2hours. and Oh I also joined the Victoria Ultimate players society ( see them here: its a frisbee team, I joined it cause i hear its a lot of running around and its fun too! So yay to getting AP's and possibly meeting new people and having fun! The first practice game is on Wednesday but I cant make it , I have a prior engagement, but the next one is Wednesday the 28th, and I will definitely be there so I will keep you guys posted!

I have some pictures to upload but i'm really tired tonight and will do it maybe tomorrow??!! No promises though..

But for now here's one of me from last was a nice day!
My friends are starting to notice the weight loss, and i'm happy and it motivates me to keep going , cause now I think , " I dont want to disappoint them" its kinda stupid cause it should be all about me but, since its giving me motivation, thats cool too!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kitchen Mishap + a bunch of other stuff..

So I thought id try and make some soup so I don't have to cook everyday, then I will have some free time. I'm not really a big fan of soup but while I was in Prince George I went to earls an substituted the fries that was supposed to come with my meal for soup and it was beef and barley,it tasted really good, so I thought Id look for a recipe on line and try and make it. so several websites later I decided on one from Betty Crocker. it looked simple and I had everything it called for except for one thing that i was to find out almost at the end.
So I added every thing it called for celery, carrots, tomatoes, beef , can of diced tomatoes etc , then when it came time to add the beef broth i dint have any room in the crock pot then I went back and looked at the recipe only to realize that i needed a 6quart crock pot for this recipe and mines only a 3 quart one.. and i had mixed all the other stuff together i couldn't take it out and half it or anything so i decided to skip the beef broth n thought , oh well the liquid from the tomatoes will do..boy was i wrong.. so i ended up with some sort of chowder?or stew? which i have named beef and barley chowder/stew :)
and if you can get past the way it looks, it actually does taste good.. here's a picture twas still in the crock pot...
I also i think i cooked it for too long as it was starting to burn on the edges... I put it on about an hour before i went to work last night and put it off when i got back this morning..

Beef and Barley Stew or Chowder??? Cant decide

So onto another Topic,
I cant believe i missed my Dr's apointment that I waited 4 bleeping months for ..and then I forgot, I was kind of ticked off that they nevver called me the day before to remind me or call me when I dint show up. I only realized when I went to flip the month on my calendar..yeah i know its my own fault for not flipping my calendar on the 31st of march but I have to blame someone too right? O h well I will call them tomorrow morning and try and make another one for sometime this year.

So after weighed in yesterday , I was really happy and I thought I deserved a reward..tehe..I went to the liquor store ( its in the same complex as my WW meeting) and bought two bottles of white zin..Mmmmmm!!! excited for the weekend to get here. It looks like its gonna be a fun one...remember the girls I hung out with last Thursday? yeah those one.. we are thinking of hooking up again this Friday evening. will keep y'all posted.

Ok what else did I want to talk about??..Hmnn.. Im not sure if there was anyother thing I wanted to say..If it comes to me..I'll be sure to post.

So heres some things I've eaten in the past two days..

So yesterday for supper I had some left over chili that I had in my freezer from eons ago.. with Garlic bread..

Lunch was brown rice with chicken n veggies
brekkie was a WW chocolate shake.

and Today No brekkie ( worked overnight and slept till 4ish)
Lunch was the Chowder/ Stew thingy and
Supper was WW toast with Veggie Omelet.

So while typing this I am watching American Idols. And Ive noticed that I get really emotional when some one gets voted off and if they cry , I cry.. the crazy thing is I haven't been following this season that closely, but when ever I watch an episode where someone is getting voted off I get really emotional.I was talking to my friend abou it and we both came to the conclusion that its old Just wondering if anyone out there has been getting emotional over things that dont really mean anything to them. and No its not TOM..

Ok I should go shower and get ready for work.
Tata readers..If I have any. hehe :-)

PS: Thanks to the people that are following me or read my blog..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Update

I lost 2.2 lbs??!!!!
Can you believe that??? I'm really happy about that.
Im just posting this now cause i promised to update y'all..gotta run now..tata!

So Im weighing in tomorrow..(lazy post)

Or today I mean, when i wake up eventually..its almost 2am and im very tired but not sleepy.Im really nervous as I think im going to see a gain :( . Oh well i'll take whatever I see on that scale as graciously as I can.I'll be sure to update you guys on what it is....

Here are a some of the things i ate on the weekend..
Breakfast on sunday: 2 WW toast and Egg white omelet with veggies and Canadian back bacon.

and by breakfast I mean,when I woke up at 2ish???

Dinner was at a friends but it was white rice and stew with chicken. it woulda been weird if i had taken a picture of my meal..

So this is lunch today ..had a plum for brekkie

its home made pizza: veggies and canadian back backon and babybel light cheese...

and for dinner I had some brown rice,chicken and some veggies.

I dint get any dairy in today , but I did drink 4litres of water in preparation for weigh in today!!

I also baked some chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies ( recipe from weight watchers website.) the tasted great but looked funny..hehe.. heres a picture

K im half sleepy now so gonna head to bed ..nightie!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Late Entry

Food Journal.

B- A plum
S- None ( wasnt hungry)
L- A cup of brown rice and the chicken adobo
S- None
D- Out with the girls ( but I had 4 slices out of an 8" bison pepperoni pizza and 5 glasses of Wine..Blech!)
Late night Dinner- Brown rice and chicken adobo

Didnot get any veggies or dairy in, oops! but I drank lotsa water :)


B- 2 multi grain WW toast and WW chocolate smoothie( was rushing to get ready for work forgot to take picture)
S- Plum
L-A cup of brown rice and the chicken adobo and some veggies ( I was at work dint remember to take a picture)
S- Brownie ( homemade with low fat brownie mix and a can of pureed pumpkin)
D- Lasagna
S- none

I managed to get in one dairy serving and only 2 Vegetable servings.. Oh well i'm a work in progress.


I had home made pizza ( WW tortilla, mushrooms,green n red bell peppers, caramelized onions, salsa and babybel light cheese) forgot to take picture too..Mann I suck at this Picture-Food Journal thing I promise to do better tomorrow!

Before I head out I will have a weight watchers Chocolate smoothie I will be sure to take a picture:) haha!

I still havent done any exercises , I did try though, I changed into my workout clothes and got all my stuff ready, even took pictures but ended up back on my computer..hehe..well i have to run ..gottta take a shower , my friend will be here in a few minutes..

see my cute feet..hehe..i wish!!

I promise my hair looks better after its been washed and styled :)

So its easter long weekend!!

So I haven't posted since Thursday afternoon. Well nothing spectacular has happened since then. I went out with a few girls I met on this website called and the name of the group is called Victoria girls cocktail club.

We went to a pub, it was a really good evening, nice girls , nice conversation, 5 glasses of white Zinfandel, some pizza( I had 4 slices from an 8inch) and lotsa Dancing , later. I came home at about 2:30am. When i got home I was starving!! so I had some rice with adobo chicken, drank lots water and went to bed at 4 ish..

I planned to wake up at noon and do the 30day shred and get ready for work at 3 , but guess what?? I dint wake up til about me!!

I'm not sure whats wrong with me but for some reason I cant get myself to get my ass of the couch and do some exercise, and then when i don't do it , I feel guilty and end up consoling myself by saying well atleast im still eating healthy and controlling my portions! Thats one of the things I love about myself , I always try and see the positive in every bad thing or situation :D

Anyways im looking forward to going out with a friend of mine tonight,we going to a club downtown, and apparently there's going to be a really good dj from Vancouver, so im going to get my dance and drink on.. im going to try to control how much i drink, i hope :) and I will keep y'all posted!!!

K here's me signing out , and wishing you guys a good easter!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I tried a New Recipe.

Slow cooker adobo chicken
I got this recipe from but tweaked it a bit by adding a Tbs of Paprika , A tsp of pepper and 2Tbs of flour to thicken it a bit. and I used 10 pieces of skinless drumstick instead of whole chicken.

I really liked it, It has a tangy taste so if you don't like tangy tasting things, I suggest you add about 2T of brown sugar like some of the reviews I read suggested.

Also it has a really pungent smell when cooking it cause of the vinegar, I cooked it over night while I was asleep and opened my kitchen windows and when I woke up this morning, my whole apartment wasnt smelling of cooked vinegar.


  • 1 small sweet onion, sliced
  • 8 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 3/4 cup low sodium soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 1 (3 pound) whole chicken, cut into pieces


Place chicken in a slow cooker. In a small bowl mix the onion, garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar, and pour over the chicken. Cook on Low for 6 to 8 hours

For people on Weight watchers I calculated it to be about 3 points for one piece of chicken and 1/4 cup of sauce. but feel free to put it throgh your recipe builder and see what it gives you.
I do not have e tools so calculated it manually , let me know if you come up with something different.Thanks and Enjoy:-)


So I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. and tonight for some reason I felt like it was the right time.

This blog is going to be about my weight loss journey and several other random things depending on my mood.I'm going to use it as a medium to keep myself accountable.I'm going to try and take a picture of every single thing I put in my mouth except water,cause I'm kinda bored of tracking on my phone or in my journal. I'm not a good writer, so I would like to apologize in advance for my poor use punctuation ( or lack there of),and poor spelling.

I started weight watchers on the 16th of January 2010 at 244.2lbs and as of 24th of March weighed 224.8lbs . I skipped my meeting/weigh in this week cause I was out of town, visiting a friend in Prince George and mostly ate out and drank more alcohol than usual. So I'm scared to go weigh in and see a gain.( yeah I know, bad bad me).

So why I decided to start tonight is cause I tried to do the 30day shred by Jillian Michaels and couldn't even get through half of it!!!. well you might ask why this is a problem or big deal??? Well when I first got the DVD i could go through the whole of level one,even though at the end i can barely move, but tonight I quit! I did it for 10mins and got tired and went to take a shower.while in the shower I got thinking and decided I'll start a blog and Update it every night with my plans for the next day and the following day I would come back and check off what I did and do the same for the next night.

Another reason I am starting this blog is cause I was talking to my momma and she had seen some pictures I had sent to my baby sister, and she said " Oh I saw your pictures, you've lost some weight I don't want you to lose anymore" , then I ask why and she said " Well you look good like that plus you've always been a chubby girl then if you lose too much weight people will start to wonder if you are sick" .I just laughed and said Mummy anyone can think what they want. So after I hung up I thought well the blog thing will be a good way to show that I didn't lose weight drastically in an unsafe way or worse due to any "terminal illness".( No disrespect to people with terminal diseases or illness)

Anyway enough with the stories..Lets get to business

So wish me luck!