Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm back!

I am finally on top of things now! So im back to blogging.

A few things have happened since I last blogged. in no particular order

  • I got a new schedule at work that I absolutely HATE! they have me working every Friday and Saturday ( overnight) now!
  • I started the 30 day shred video by Jillian Michaels (Ive skipped 4 days due to TOM)
  • I started learning how to drive
  • I bought a "new to me" car on Monday
  • On Friday I had to take it in to the auto shop
  • On Saturday I learnt i need to pay between 1200-1400 to get it fixed..ouch! Which was what lead to my previous post.( i hate unplanned expenses)
  • On Sunday morning I decided i wont let the car thing get me down and everything will work out.
  • On Monday morning spoke to the mechanic and I get my car back on Friday.
  • I'm skipping my weigh in today, but ill go on Friday after I pick up the car.
  • Ive lost 1 inch from my waist since i started the 30 day shred
  • I have a boat cruise that i'm going for in June, I'm really excited about it!
  • I feel bad that I wont be able to go for my really good friends son's 1st birthday but i really cant afford it now.
  • I've still been eating well, though some days could have been better !
Here are some of the good ones..
Mozarella stuffed burgers: I used extra-lean ground beef and part skim mozza , and it was on a whole wheat sourdough bread.

an omlet with spinach,mushrooms, yellow peppers and egg whites!

baked fries with roasted broccoli and mushrooms with salmon
Veggies about to be roasted for my veggie lasagna, that i forgot to take a picture of!

ESBM (eat shrink and be merry) Smackeroni and cheese.
Huge batch of Rice with black beans,corn niblets, red peppers and Italian turkey sausage
putting them into single serving sizes/portions

Ok i think that's everything for now..

and oh its my dads birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Here is the picture of my fro-hawk! not really good angles but thats the best i could do!



  1. HI JIBSTER! It's Jin Jin! I <3 your fro hawk and I'm so proud of you! You look absolutely AMAZING!!! MWAH!

  2. Oh thanks Jennia!
    This means alot to me :)

  3. OMG, let me follow your blog!!!
    I love it! :D