Saturday, May 22, 2010


can you guys tell this scale to stop messing with me!!!
So i weighed in Last night as soon as i got to work and it said 222.0lbs
So today as soon as i got to work i weighed myself again and it said 213.0lbs
i was in shock i was like nahhh!! how does one lose 9lbs in one day, fine i exercised today but im pretty sure i dint burn that much calories. as if thats not enough, i wait for 5minutes and get on again and it says 210.4lbs and i did that 3 more times and it gave me 210lbs on average.

I mean if its for real im not complaining! but i dont want to be all happy and then get to my WI on tuesday n find out i got punked! oh well maybe i'll just starve till tues so i stay the same ( just kidding)

yeah i was supposed to go to my weigh in on friday but dint make it, got the car back, still needs some work . sigh!. but i will be at my WI for sure on teusday, and i will let you guys know if i did infact get punked!

Im out!!!


  1. Maybe the scale needs a new battery? That's why I can only weigh myself once a week, I go crazy with all of the fluctuations lol.
    Good luck on Tuesday!